Burning Daylight W.I.P
Ole josefsen burningdaylight maingate 01

Responsible for grayboxing, modelling gate + a couple of props, set dressing, shading, lighting, and effects.

Ole josefsen burningdaylight maingate progression

An example of the iterative process our shots go through. Concept by Frederik Jeppesen and Bernar Aganchyan.

Ole josefsen burningdaylight grayboxing

A couple of early environments I've grayboxed.

Burning Daylight W.I.P

These screenshots are from the current build of our bachelor game "Burning Daylight". I'm Technical Art Director and CG Generalist on this project and my tasks contain everything between grayboxing, set dressing, modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, and programming. This is a running project that will continue to be updated.

-Unreal Engine 4
-Substance Painter
-Substance Designer

More artwork
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